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What Is DSST? 
DSST allows you to pass an exam and get college credit, similar to the AP program for High School students. DSST is a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

Save Time 
"PLA students earning bachelor’s degrees saved an average of between 2.5 and 10.1 months of time in earning their degrees, compared to non-PLA students earning degrees." - Fueling the Race to Postsecondary Success, CAEL

Graduate Sooner
"…An average adult student earning 15 PLA credit saves, on average, six months in his or her quest to earn a bachelor’s degree. Those same 15 PLA credits…translates to significant tuition savings as well." - Fueling the Race to Postsecondary Success, CAEL​
DSSTPrep is a SpeedyPrep test prep product designed to help you study for and pass DSST exams. Get unlimited access to our entire library of DSST exam prep courses for just $29.95 per month.    
  • Online Flashcard Format:  Based on mastery learning technique
  • Videos: Make learning fun
  • No Textbook Required: Study anywhere, anytime
  •  Access to All Courses:  For less than $30 a month
  • Money Back Guarantee:  When your progress bar reaches 90%
DSSTPrep Can Save You Thousands!
Potential savings per course = $1,638.38 
Average cost of one 3-hour college course:  


Average cost of DSSTPrep & the DSST Test Fee:

* https://studentloanhero.com/featured/cost-per-credit-hour-study/
** Based on $29.95 for two months of access to DSSTPrep and $85 for test fee.

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